#WhatsForTeaTonight – Spaghetti and Hot Dog Spiders….

whats for tea tonight

Tonight was a quick tea as we were popping to an open night at a local doggy day care centre so we decided to make a bit of a nursery tea.  A nursery tea is when I make the sorts of childish foods that I used to make for them when they were in nursery – things like mini muffin pizzas with faces on, sandwiches in funny shapes and spaghetti and hot dog spiders….

Spaghetti and Hot Dog Spiders

Spaghetti and hot dog spiders are so easy to make but they’re so much fun to eat!  You just chop a hot do in half and push dried spaghetto throught it.  Then just cook as you normally would cook the spaghetti and you’ll have spaghetti and hot dog spiders.

photo (14)

I also cooked some party sausage rolls, some mini roasties and some corn on the cob – can you tell I’m trying to empty the bits and bobs out of my freezer?

There are some unidentified food containers left in the freezer now – not sure whether or not to play dinner time roulette tomorrow night or whether to play it safe….

I’ll let you know!

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Homemade Polenta Fries….

Homemade polenta fries


There’s a moral to this story – never ask your husband to go to the shop for you to get something unless he is 100% clear what it is you need him to get.  I sent mine to the shop to get some polenta to make cornbread and he came back with a packet of ready made polenta which is clearly no good to make cornbread with!

Rather than waste it, we decided to make polenta fries to have with the burgers and salad we were planning for tea tonight and as it turned out they were delicious and we’ll be having them again so he’s been forgiven!

I didn’t do anything fancy with the polenta, I just sliced it into skinny fries and coated them in olive oil.  I seasoned them and then cooked them in my airfryer until they were crispy which took around 15-20 minutes.  You could just bake them in the oven on a high heat until they’re golden and crispy if you prefer.

They’re a great alternative to potato fries!


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Chicken and Ham pie….

Chicken and Ham Pie

This recipe for chicken and ham pie is not only easy to make and delicious to eat, it’s also a great way to use up leftovers. It’s just as tasty if you substitute the chicken with turkey so if you have any Christmas leftovers, you can use them up with this yummy pie.

step 1

Saute a chopped onion in butter until it’s just starting to soften.  You need to use a large pan as you’ll be adding the meat and the sauce to this as well.

Step 2

Add 100ml chicken stock, 275ml (the medium carton size) single cream, a teaspoon of Thyme (or Oregano) and your leftover meat, chopped up into small cubes.

You can also add in a little wine if you like white wine is what I would usually add but I had some leftover Merlot rose wine in the fridge so I want with that instead, you just want to add a little bit though as you don’t want it to overpower the rest of the flavours – today I added about 50ml and reduced the stock to 75ml.  Don’t forget you can also freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays to use in cooking!

I usually just throw in whatever I have leftover but the one I made last night had about 600g cooked chicken and ham in it and it was perfect.  You could also add in a handful of mushrooms or frozen garden peas at this stage if you want to.  Simmer it all together on a medium heat for about five minutes until the sauce looks thick and creamy and the meat is heated through.

Step 3

Next you need to pour your pie filling into an ovenproof dish ready to add your pie lid to it.  If you want to, you could make shortcrust pastry and line the dish before pouring in the filling but I always get a soggy bottom so I prefer not to do this.

step 4

I prefer to add a puff pastry topping to my pie but don’t tell anyone that I cheat and use a cheap packet mix from Asda – it costs about 50p and tastes delicious.  You could top with mash if you’d prefer or even make a proper shortcrust pastry pie as I mentioned above.  The time to cook in the oven and the temperature depends on your topping – mine takes about 15 minutes to cook the puff pastry lid but it might take more time if you were cooking it with a mashed potato topping.


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