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Slow Cooker Fridge Bottom Frittata….

Sometimes I get to the end of the week and find we have some random food left in the fridge that isn’t really enough to do very much with.

Like today for example, I have an odd bit of broccoli that I didn’t end up using, some leftover ham, some leftover cooked potatoes, a couple of soft tomatoes and the a bit of cheese that I grated ready for macaroni cheese but didn’t need as much as I grated.

On their own, they don’t sound like much but all together in a Fritatta, they’ll be delicious.

Clearly there’s no specific recipe for this as I don’t know from one week to the next what we’ll need to use up but I’ll tell you how I made today’s version and you can easily adapt it to whatever you have in that needs using up….

  • I had the equivalent of about three potatoes and a good handful of broccoli (already cooked don’t forget) to use up so I chopped them up and added them to the slow cooker.
  • Next I added the ham and most of the grated cheese.
  • It depends how much of everything you’re using up as to how many eggs you’ll need to cover the mixture in the slow cooker.  I started tonight by beating five eggs together as that’s the minimum I’ve ever needed but 5 eggs didn’t cover tonight’s version when I poured them over it so I ended up adding in another two eggs making seven altogether.
  • Once I knew I had the right amount of eggs I gave everything a good stir together so everything is evenly distributed through the frittata.
  • I sprinkled over the remaining cheese and added the sliced tomatoes on top.
  • Then I just put the lid on and cooked it on highuntil the frittata was cooked through which was .  If it looks done on top you can tell for definite by inserting a knife – if it comes out clean, it’s done.  It took about an hour tonight.


A frittata is a great way to use up whatever you have left at the end of the week because most things will go great in one and any frittata leftovers are perfect for the next days lunch!

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