Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {12 August 2019}….

This is the last week before our two week’s off so we’re on a countdown now to our Summer break!

(Also, that’s not a photo of my lasagne – I couldn’t find one of mine but even if I could, it wouldn’t have looked that good)

This week is just a five-day plan as we’re only planning for Monday to Friday.  

Next Saturday is the first day of our holidays so we’re planning a family movie and games night to celebrate so we’re hoping to take advantage of the M&S takeaway offer that they have on at the moment on Saturday night.  From what I saw, it’s two large pizzas and a selection of three other things which can be chicken dippers, dough balls, fries, salad or some other things that I’ve forgotten.

Sunday is a day that we’re potentially going out for the full day so hopefully, we’ll be having a picnic somewhere nice.

Monday – Teriyaki Beef

This is actually our new favourite meal!  It’s one that my husband and I eat on a Monday night after he comes in from a late shift at work.  I initially planned to make this myself but I made the mistake of sending him to the shop to buy the ingredients and he bought a meal kit.  It was ridiculously amazing and at £4 it’s not that much more than I’d pay for the meat, veg and sauce so I’ve never actually bothered trying to make my own version. 

The kids will have freezer tea so I’ll make them whatever they fancy from the freezer.

Tuesday – Macaroni Cheese

Once again, this was the one meal that the kids asked for this week.  I have broccoli and shredded gammon in so I’ll make it a bit more exciting this week if I can get away with it.

Wednesday – Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice!

Saturday night is always Instant Pot chicken and rice night but this week we’re going wild and having it on Wednesday instead.  I know, right.  We have some Chipotle and Lime seasoning so we thought that would go nice with chicken, peppers and red onion.  We’ll squeeze some fresh lime over at the last minute and hopefully make a refreshing mid-week meal,

Thursday – Lasagne

I’m going to do a bolognese in the slow cooker during the day and when I come in, I’ll make it into a lasagne which we’ll have with garlic bead if I can persuade one of the kids to make the dough ready for when I get in from work. 

Friday – Pasta Bake

I plan to have enough bolognese leftover to make a pasta bake but if not, I have some pesto in the cupboard and some sausages in the freezer so we can swap to that instead.

Have a fab week everyone!

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