Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {19 August 2019}….

It’s not a full meal plan this week as we were away for the first part of the week!

This week's meal plan

We’re just back from our annual family trip to Manchester (more exciting than it sounds, honestly) and I’ve sat down and written out our meal plan and done an online food shop so as long as everything I’ve ordered arrives as it should, this is what we’ll be eating this week…

This week's meal plan - 19th August

Wednesday – Leftover Chicken Curry

Leftover chicken curry

I had some leftover chicken curry that I got out of the freezer last night to defrost for tea tonight so I’ll add some rice and we’re good to go with an easy tea tonight!

Thursday – Toad in the Hole

I have some sausages in the freezer that I bought reduced so I’ll get them out to defrost and make toad in the hole for tea tonight.

Friday – Homemade Parmo

Does anyone even know what a Parmo is?  If you do, then you’re highly likely to live pretty close to me. 😉 I’m going to recreate a parmo for tea and share it with you all so you too can have a parmo.

Saturday – Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice!

You know what Saturday night means by now, right?  It’s Instant Pot Chicken and Rice night and this week, we have Mediterranean seasonings to go with it so we’re going chicken and prawn with red onion and green pepper.

Sunday – Instant Pot Gammon

Gammon joint

We’re going to have an Instant Pot gammon joint on Sunday for lunch on Sunday and maybe have some crushed potatoes and veggies with Yorkshire Puds with it.

Have a fab week everyone!

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