This week's meal plan {22 July 2019}
Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {22 July 2019}….

Here’s what we’re hoping to be eating this week.

(I say hoping as it’s the school holidays so it’s anyone’s guess as to whether we’ll actually manage to stick to it)

This week's meal plan {22 July 2019}

Instead of sharing a chatty version of my meal plan this week over on The Diary of a Frugal Family, I’m sharing a recipe for Peach and Mandarin Cobbler which is one of my favourite budget puddings so that means that you get the chatty version of it over here.

How lucky are you all? 🙂

This week's meal plan

Monday – Homemade pizza

My 14 year old makes this for us – sometimes using the breadmaker and sometimes making the dough by hand. One of these days I’ll share his recipe although it’s pretty basic.

Tuesday – Macaroni cheese 

Macaroni cheese

I say this every time we have homemade macaroni cheese included in our meal plan but it really is one of our favourite meals and is without fail, my most requested meal when I ask for family input.

Wednesday – Mexican chicken quesadillas

This is something we’re loving at the moment so I’ll try and share it with you this week if I can.  It’s basically a Mexican version of my Instant Pot shredded chicken in a quesadilla but it’s so nice that we’ve had it every week since I first made it!

Thursday – Nandos Fakeaway with homemade Nandos Spicy Rice

This recipe took forever to perfect but it was well worth it because after about fifty tries (maybe five) we finally managed a recipe that is as similar to Nandos spicy rice that I think it could ever be.  It is amazing!  We serve it with chicken that’s been marinaded in one of the Nandos sauces that you can buy from the supermarket and all in all, it’s a pretty good fakeaway Nandos.

Friday –Crab, lemon and chilli spaghetti

Easy Crab, Lemon and Chilli Tagliatelle

This is a perfect Friday night tea as it’s quick to make but tastes as though you’ve really put some effort in.  We originally had this when we got some crab reduced but we’ve bought it full price since as we enjoy it so much.

Saturday – Instant Pot chicken and rice 

Instant Pot chicken and rice

Saturday night is always Instant Pot chicken and rice night but we don’t get bored as it’s different every week.  We use all sorts of seasonings from cajun to Mediterranean spice and vary the things we add to the rice – last week was prawn and chorizo, sometimes it’s gammon, sometimes chicken but always a different combination.  It’s just something that we know is easy to make, uses one pot to cook in so less washing up and always turns out brilliantly and it might be boring to some but to us, it’s just what we like.

Sunday – Roast Dinner

I always see what meat is on offer before settling on a meat for the weekend but if nothing jumps out this weekend then I think we’ll have slow cooker brisket for no other reason that I want to update my photos so I can re-share the recipe! 🙂

Have a fab week everyone!

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