This week's meal plan.
Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {23 September 2019}….

Today’s the first official day of Autumn and looking at the weather report, I can see that we’re heading for some very Autumn-like weather.

This week's meal plan.

Because the weather’s predicted to be bad all week, I’ve gone with comfort food all the way for this week’s meal choices. 

Also, I’m not asking the kids to help out this week as they pretty much fended for themselves last week when I was working a week of late shifts.  They didn’t starve but there wasn’t much nutrition going on last week so I’m taking over for the week and will be making sure there’s lots of extra veggies in all meals this week to make up for last week.  

I did actually just share a post about what they ate last week when I wasn’t here to cook for them if you want to have a look but I’m warning you – it’s not pretty. 😉 

Monday – Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni cheese

Macaroni Cheese is probably one of my family’s favourite meals so we’re going to start the week off with it.  I may put some brocolli, cauliflower and crispy bacon in it to make it a bit more interesting and nutritious.

Tuesday – Sweet and Sour chicken

We haven’t had this in years but when I tidied out our food cabinet last week I found a jar of ready-made sweet and sour sauce so I thought I’d use it up with the addition of some more green peppers, red onion and pineapple.  Let’s see how it turns out, shall we? 

Wednesday – Chicken Curry

I’m going to do a slow cooker chicken curry so it’ll probably end up as a bit of a mix up depending on what we have in.  I’ll make some homemade naan bread to go with it instead of rice though as we’ll have had that with the sweet and sour chicken.

Thursday – Giant Filled Yorkshires

I’m planning to make slow cooker mince and onions while I’m at work so all I need to do is the veg and the Yorkshire puddings 

Friday – Homemade chicken Parmo

We never managed to get around to making out homemade chicken parmo last week so we’re going to have another go this week!

Saturday – Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice!

Saturday night + Instant Pot Chicken and Rice night.  We have some jerk seasoning to try this week.

Sunday – Crab and Chilli Spaghetti

Easy Crab, Lemon and Chilli Tagliatelle

I feel like this week is going to be challenging with everything we have coming up so we’ll have a cheeky treat tea. Crab lemon and chilli spaghetti is amazing and I suspect it’s exactly what we’ll need by Sunday tea time.

Have a fab week everyone!

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