Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {12th December 2016}

We had a Muscle foods delivery last week which has filled our freezer and given us plenty of meat to cook with for this next week (and longer) so I don’t need very much at all shopping wise.  I’ve also chosen quite easy meals to cook as I’m still not back on my feet properly so the slow cooker is going to be my friend this week cooking the gammon, the mince and the brisket.  The chicken and ham pie will be leftover gammon and ready rolled pastry which I use even when I’m feeling 100% to be honest and the other two meals are so easy that I could cook them in my sleep.

To go with the meals, we’ll be having the usual – veg, potatoes and the odd Yorkshire pud might make an appearance too.

I’m quite excited this week as my Dad has offered us his small freezer to go in our garage which means that I can do a bit more bulk cooking.  We already have the freezer in our fridge freezer and another small freezer in the kitchen but I find that they can get full quite quickly and I often leave things in the reduced section that I see just because I know I don’t have space for them.  I can’t wait to get it and start filling it.

Back to the whole point of the post though – here’s what I have planned for this week for us….


Are you planning anything interesting to eat this week?

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