This weeks meal plan - 13th August 2018
Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {13 August 2018}

Four in a row!

That’s a definite record for sharing my meal plans on here – now I just need to mix in a few recipes…

This week is a bit of a run down the freezer and cupboards kind of a meal plan because we’ve got to a point where our freezers are all jam-packed with bargains. So jam-packed in fact that we’re pretty restricted when it comes to anything else fitting in!

's Meal Plan

Monday – Prawn Spaghetti

This was inspired by the series I’m writing over on my Diary of a Frugal Family blog where I compare value vs premium products as I’m trying to show that value food can be just as tasty as the more premium brands.  I think the plain and basic packaging often gives the wrong impression.  I wanted to try and cook a whole meal from value products and this is one that we have quite often so I thought we’d try a value version,

Tuesday – Homemade Pizza

Speaks for itself really but I’ll dust off the old breadmaker and make some homemade pizza dough and use whatever we have in for topping.

Wednesday – BBQ

We’re having people round on Wednesday so weather permitting, it’ll be BBQ for tea.

Thursday – Freezer lottery

I suspect this will involve a few different meals as we’re using up bits and bobs to clear out the freezer.

Friday – Risotto

I have all sorts of veg in the freezer as well as some prawns and chicken so I’ll make some sort of risotto – probably using the slow cooker for laziness though.

Saturday – Chicken fried rice

Easy peasy tea for Saturday using chicken from the freezer and some frozen peas.

Sunday – Sunday Dinner Calzone

I have no idea how this is going to look but I’m going to try and make a calzone from a Yorkshire Pudding and fill it with Sunday Dinner loveliness!

I’m determined to use as much up as possible from the freezer this week and for the part of next week before we go on holiday.

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