Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {19th December 2016}

We’re still working our way through the meat from our Muscle foods delivery so I don’t need to buy any meat apart from the meat for Christmas Dinner this week which is fab.  I’m going to try and post a bit about our Christmas Dinner this week because we don’t spend a lot on our Christmas Dinner – not because of our budget but because we’re not really fans of all the trimmings.

I won’t tell you about everything we’re eating this week as that would be a bit boring but I will mention a couple of the things we’re having just so you know why and how…. 😉

We’re making homemade calzones for tea tonight, as much to keep the kids occupied as for any other reason and we have some meat left over from yesterday’s roast to be added to those along with any other random things I find in the fridge.

The curry may change to just a sweet potato curry if I forget to get the chicken out of the freezer as I often do and the pie on Thursday will be made from any leftover mince and ready rolled pastry (because life’s too short to make that).

To go with the meals, I’ll be cooking the usual veg (mainly brocolli and carrots), potatoes and with the odd Yorkshire pud thrown in there too.

Are you planning anything interesting to eat this week?

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