Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {1 October 2018}

I totally broke my streak of posting our meal plan every week, didn’t I?

In my defence, I had a good reason for my absence as my youngest was in the hospital quite poorly for a week and has been recovering ever since.  It’s all good now thankfully but it was a stressful few weeks when the last thing on my mind was planning our meals.

We did have some meals in the freezer from when I’ve batch cooked which were brilliant but because I was trying to run our freezer down there wasn’t as much in there as there would have been normally.  That meant that my food bill was super high for last month so this month I need to try extra hard!

When we were at the Festival of Thrift recently, we signed up to a veg box delivery scheme which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages.  It comes on a Thursday which means that my meal plans will be more veg-heavy at the end of the week until I get used to what will keep and what I can cook and freeze etc.

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Monday – Chicken Fajita

Monday is the night that my eldest is cooking for us so as usual when it’s her turn, we’re having fajitas.

Tuesday – Homemade Pizza

We’ll be making homemade pizzas tonight using whatever was leftover from the fajitas last night!

Wednesday -Pasta Surprise

No idea what will be with the pasta but I have prawns in the freezer so maybe something with prawns – a lemony herby concoction possibly?

Thursday – Roasted veg and sausages

Our veg box will be here on Thursday morning so we’ll be having roasted veggies with some of the locally produced organic sausages that we bought from the Festival of Thrift as long as I remember to get them out of the freezer!

Friday – Soup and toasties

Toasties are always of our favourite comfort food easy meals and today we’ll be having them with some soup made fro our veg box delivery.

Saturday – Fennel and Lemon Risotto

Our veg box this week is apparently going to contain fennel which I’ve never cooked with at all so a quick google was needed for me to decide on a plan for it.  This looks like the tastiest option!

Sunday – Yorkshire pudding wraps

These are way nicer than you might think!

Let’s see if I can beat my last run of four in a row shall we?

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