's family Meal Plan! #mealplan #mealplanning #mealprep #thrifty #frugalliving #frugal #family (12)
Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {26 November 2018}

I managed to sit on my hands for most of Black Friday last weekend but when I got an email telling me that Amazon had the Instant Pot back in stock and it was included in their Black Friday deals I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been after one for ages and I’m more excited than a kid at Christmas waiting for it to get here (which *should* be at some point today if my emails are to be believed).  This means that my meal plan this week is filled with meals that can be made in the Instant Pot because obviously, I’m going to want to play.

's family Meal Plan! #mealplan #mealplanning #mealprep #thrifty #frugalliving #frugal #family (12)

Monday – Toad in the Hole

I bought some sausages from the Farmers Market this weekend and they’ll be amazing in a toad in the hole with some mash and veggies.

Tuesday – Hunters Chicken

I thought I’d make my Hunters Chicken for the first meal I make in my shiny new Instant Pot because I want to compare it to how it tastes when I usually make it.

Wednesday – Risotto

From the reviews I’ve read, the Instant Pot makes amazing risotto so my second meal is going to be some sort of risotto.  I was thinking a lemon and salmon kind of thing, maybe?

Thursday -Beef Casserole

Another thing I want to try is a good old-fashioned beef casserole although this may change as I have loads of other things I want to make with beef strips – beef and broccoli is another contender.

Friday – Sausage and Bean Stew

We used to make this all the time as it’s such a filling and easy meal to make

Saturday – Pasta Bolognaise

I’m intrigued as to how it can cook pasta so I’m trying an Instant Pot version of my pasta bolognaise to see how that goes.

Sunday – Beef Gyros

Sunday’s my day for having a little more time to experiment with our meals these days so I thought we’d have a bit of a throwback to our Summer holidays with some beef gyros.

I’m trying to be as Slimming World friendly as possible this week so our breakfasts will be porridge, overnight oats or mini omelettes.

I’ve got some spicy butternut squash and sweet potato soup for lunches (the kids eat at school and my husband picks something up from his work canteen as it’s super cheap).

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