Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {26th December 2016}

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and your leftovers are plenty ready for this week’s meal plan. 😉

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

As ever, I won’t go into detail on everything we’re eating this week because that wouldn’t be particularly interesting but I will highlight a few of the meals and tell you why we’re having them….

We had gammon and lamb for our Christmas Dinner yesterday and we didn’t go over the top with everything else that we served so leftovers wise we just had a small piece of gammon left and a fair amount of lamb as my Dad bought us a huge leg of lamb to cook.  We’ve had homemade quiche for tea tonight made with the last of the gammon leftovers from yesterday and tomorrow will be a lamb hotpot using the leftovers from the lamb.  We do seem to have a fair amount left looking at the joint so I may be able to make one hotpot for tea and one to freeze for another time but I’ll need to see how much of what we have left is lamb and how much is bone.

We’re making homemade calzones again this week as I got a breadmaker for Christmas and I want to try to see if I can use that to make the dough which is my least favourite part of making homemade calzones and pizza.  I’ve wanted a breadmaker for ages now but these days I’m always wary about buying kitchen gadgets that will just be used a few times and then gather dust forevermore (cake pop maker anyone?).  I got a soup maker last year which is my most used kitchen gadget so I’m hoping that this will be as good a present as that was.

The last meal I wanted to tell you about is my chicken parmesan casserole which really deserves a whole post just for itself because it is amazing!  I’ll take some photos when I cook it and share it with you this week!

Are you planning anything interesting to eat this week?

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