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This week’s meal plan {8 October 2018}

I’m slowly catching up on everything that got pushed to one side during our recent hospital dramas but I’m really lacking in motivation if I’m honest.

I’m determined to shake it off though so my meal plan this week involves a bit more work from me than usual – my thinking is that if I force myself to do more then it might jump start my motivation!

WIsh me luck….

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Monday – Mince and dumplings

I’m out late on Monday so it’s going to be a slow cooker tea day and mince and dumplings is one of our favourites!

Tuesday – Salmon Pasta

I found a few salmon fillets at the back of the bottom freezer drawer so I’m going to attempt some sort of salmon pasta bake.

Wednesday -Chicken and spicy rice

I think we might have a Nandos style tea with some spicy rice and some chicken marinated in one of the Nandos

Thursday – Roasted veg and sausages

Our veg box will be here on Thursday morning so we’ll be having roasted veggies with some chicken breast that we still have left from our last Muscle Food order.  I need to get my freezer emptied a bit before I can do another order though so I think these are the last ones we have.

Friday – Soup and toasties

This is fast becoming one of our favourite teas! Toasties are always of our favourite comfort food easy meals and today we’ll be having them with some soup made from our veg box delivery.

Saturday – Lemon Spaghetti and Prawns

After last weeks lemon risotto, I thought I’d try some lemon spaghetti and add the prawns that I found hiding away with the salmon!

Sunday – Sunday Dinner

I think we might have gammon but if I find anything on offer then I’m happy to swap. 😉

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