What is Meal Planning

What is Meal Planning?

I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this blog right now then you’re here because you’re interested in meal planning which kind of suggests to me that you already know what meal planning is. 😉

But just in case you are wondering, meal planning is exactly as it sounds – it’s planning your meals in advance.

Meal planning has so many advantages and will save you both time and money as well as potentially changing your eating habits by encouraging you to focus on what you’re eating in the coming week.

I plan my meals weekly starting from Monday, ending up the following Sunday and I usually do my weekly shop on a Sunday afternoon ready for the following day.

This means that on a Sunday morning, I write a quick list of what we have in the cupboards, fridge and freezer.  Once I have my list of everything we already have in, I try to use as much of that as I can to make meals for the following week and then I work out what else we need to buy to make up the rest of the meals that we’ll be eating.

The list of food we need is then my shopping list so I know that we’re only buying what we actually need rather than wandering around the supermarket trying to work out in my head what we’ll be eating and either not buying enough or buying too much.  Both of which will probably end up costing you more money – extra trips to the shop usually end up costing more as it’s rare you’ll only buy what you need and too much food will result in food being thrown away if you’re not careful.

I love to plan our meals because we save money on our shopping as we’re only buying what we need, we have less food wastage and I feel much more organised during the week as I know what we’ll be eating on any given day (although we do swap about a bit) and I spend less time preparing as I know we have in everything we need.

So if you don’t already meal plan, I recommend trying it for a couple of weeks and seeing how well it works for you and your family and if you do meal plan at the moment, stick around and share your hints and tips with us all!