What we're eating this week

#WhatsForTeaTonight – Spaghetti and Hot Dog Spiders….

whats for tea tonight

Tonight was a quick tea as we were popping to an open night at a local doggy day care centre so we decided to make a bit of a nursery tea.  A nursery tea is when I make the sorts of childish foods that I used to make for them when they were in nursery – things like mini muffin pizzas with faces on, sandwiches in funny shapes and spaghetti and hot dog spiders….

Spaghetti and Hot Dog Spiders

Spaghetti and hot dog spiders are so easy to make but they’re so much fun to eat!  You just chop a hot do in half and push dried spaghetto throught it.  Then just cook as you normally would cook the spaghetti and you’ll have spaghetti and hot dog spiders.

photo (14)

I also cooked some party sausage rolls, some mini roasties and some corn on the cob – can you tell I’m trying to empty the bits and bobs out of my freezer?

There are some unidentified food containers left in the freezer now – not sure whether or not to play dinner time roulette tomorrow night or whether to play it safe….

I’ll let you know!