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How to cook a gammon joint in the Instant Pot…

I absolutely love a gammon joint cooked in the slow cooker but sometimes (quite often to be honest) I forget to put it in to cook on a morning before work.  I only realise when I get home expecting the house to be filled with lovely home cooked food smells that I remember that I never actually put it on to cook.

Since we got the Instant Pot though, I don’t have to worry about it if I do forget as I can cook a gammon joint in there in about the same time as I can make some mashed potato to go with it!

Here’s how…

How to cook a gammon joint in the Instant Pot

I buy quite small gammon joints, usually around 750g weight which is enough for a good portion each for one meal and then leftovers for whatever else we have planned.

First up, I add a cup of cold water (about 250ml if you want to be more precise) to the base of my Instant Pot.

Next, I pop my gammon joint onto the little metal trivet that goes into the Instant Pot.

I always have the dial switched on to sealing and I cook on the pressure cooker setting at 23 minutes which is just over 15 minutes per 500g.

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