Leftovers inspiration – Riso al salto

Homemade risotto and paella are two of my favourite meals but I always make too much and end up with enough leftovers to make another meal for at least one of us!  I used to just heat the leftovers up in the microwave but since we decided to go microwave free I’ve had to be a bit more creative.

I discovered this recipe, Riso al salto a few weeks ago and I love it so much that when I made risotto last week, I purposely made extra so I knew there would be plenty left for this.  Riso al salto is apparently the way that Italians would traditionally use up their risotto leftovers but I made it yesterday with our paella leftovers and it was just as delicious.

There aren’t specific measurements as I have no idea how much leftovers you’ll have but basically you mix a beaten egg (two if you’ve lots leftover) into the cold leftover risotto and add in some greated cheese – I used parmagiano reggiano as I had some in the fridge but I’m sure other cheeses would be nice too.

Then I melted some butter in a frying pan and poured the mix into the pan using the spatula to shape it into some sort of presentable circular shape.

Riso al Salto recipe

It’s very fragile until the bottom has started to go crispy and I found that it was impossible to flip it over when I was ready so I ended up using the spatula to separate the shape into two smaller ones.

Riso al Salto recipe

My version of this dish is all about using leftovers so it’s not an exact science!

It’s cooked when both sides are browned and slightly crispy….

Riso al Salto recipe


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  1. November 17, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    That’s so simple – we always have some left over and like you, I’ve always just chucked it in the microwave – this is a much more useful way of using it up! It’ll be very popular too… 🙂