Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan {26th October 2020}….

Here’s this week’s meal plan!

So, last week’s meal plan was a bit of a disaster if I’m honest! In fact, looking back I think we only actually had two of the meals we’d planned and there were several unscheduled trips to the shop along with a last-minute takeaway! 😞

In my defence, it was a bit of a chaotic week thanks to unplanned late finishes at work, broken down cars, extra rugby practices, a new job for one teen and just all over madness so I’m not too disappointed in myself as I did the best I could in the circumstances but… we definitely went over budget as we always do when we don’t stick to the plan so this week is going to be a super strict week.

Here we go with this weeks plan…

Monday – Tacos

As requested by the kids but only if I can get the soft taco shells because the other ones are too messy apparently!

Tuesday – Homemade Nandos Chicken wraps and Spicy Rice

This is something that the kids are loving at the moment and can both make themselves so I’ll be getting them to make this for me.

Wednesday – Bolognese

So I have an amazing recipe for this over on my Frugal Family Blog but I wanted to make a more budget version as that recipe calls for red wine and fancy things like bay leaves which is all well and good if you have it in but if you’re going to have to buy the ingredients in then it bumps up the cost of the meal.

Thursday – Fajitas

Again, as requested by the kids who love chicken fajitas with all the sides – we usually have rice, homemade guacamole, cheese and lettuce on the table with the fajita mix and a pile of wraps.

Friday- Instant Pot Chowder

This one is a pretty new recipe on us and I usually make it with gammon leftovers but I think I’m going to use some of the shredded chicken I have in the freezer instead.

Saturday – Tuna Pasta Bake

I’ve never yet got around to sharing my Tuna Pasta Bake recipe but I’ll try this week as it’s lovely although to be fair, half the time when I make Tuna Pasta Bake I do just use a Colman’s packet mix because we love that just as much.

Sunday – Gammon Dinner

I’ll probably cook the joint in the instant pot next Sunday as I think it’s going to be a busy day.

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