I’m still trying to climb out of my meal planning rut so this week’s menu has a couple of new meals on it again.

I didn’t do too well with sticking to my meal plan last week as it was a bit of a mad week but I did manage four out of seven days which I’ll take based on everything I had going on.  I’ve got high hopes for this week though…

Monday – I’m going to try some pea and mint pasta this week as it’s such a fresh flavour pairing which I love in a soup so can’t see why it won’t be as nice in pasta. Wish me luck!

Tuesday – Homemade burgers and wedges using turkey mince and sweet potatoes which I think will be a nice pairing served with some salad.

Wednesday – Prawn Pasta with Arrabbiata Sauce which I know I had last week but I love my homemade Arrabbiata sauce that I decided to get a tub out of the freezer and have it again this week.

Thursday – One-Pot chicken Couscous which is something I make at least once a week as it’s so flexible. Last week I used some of the batch cooked arrabbiata sauce to spice it up a little bit and it changed the whole dish massively, taking it up to the next level.

Friday – Slow cooker loaded fries is exactly what I need at the end of the week as it uses up things that I have in the fridge, tastes amazing and can actually be quite a healthy option depending on what I have in.

Saturday – I’m planning on making homemade pizza for tea on Saturday which usually involves me making a big batch of pizza dough in the breadmaker, defrosting a batch of homemade tomato sauce and then letting everyone do their own thing. I’m a mozzerella, pesto and rocket kind of girl myself. 

Sunday – Sunday dinner which I think will be Minced Beef and onions which I’ll either make in the Instant Pot or the slow cooker. I know we had this last Sunday but it’s so easy to make and always goes down well so I might as well make it again with some of the mince I have in the freezer.

Lunches will be freezer portions of Chicken Tikka Soup, Instant Pot Ham, potato and sweetcorn chowder, Greggs fakeaway Bacon and cheese wraps and some kind of soup.

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