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Sweet Potato fries….

Sometimes a recipe isn’t really a recipe, more of a reminder how easy it is to make something simple, healthy and delicious.  So today, I’m not sharing an actual recipe, I’m going to tell you about the yummy Sweet Potato fries we had for tea tonight 😉

sweet potato fries

I bought some reduced sweet potatoes from the shop the other night – they cost me 31p for four medium sized ones and I was planning to make some some soup with them for lunches this week until I got a request for sweet potato fries to go with tea.

They’re so easy to make and so delicious that once I’d thought about it, I couldn’t resist.

All you need to do to make sweet potato fries is peel the potatoes and cut them into thin (ish) slices.

Then cut each slice into lengths like fries and pop them on to a baking tray.

I usually spray them with fry-light cooking spray or pour over a little olive oil and then, because we like them a little spict, I sprinkle over some dried crushed chillies.

To make sure all the fries are coated in the oil and the chilli is evenly distributed, I get my hands in at this point and give the fries a good mix around.

Then it’s just a case of popping them in the oven at 220 c until the fries are starting to turn golden.

Simple, delicious, healthy and good value – what more can you ask for!

sweet potato fries 1