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Slow cooker Ham cooked in Coke….

a ham

This is the easiest slow cooker recipe I’ve ever tried and only has two ingredients – a ham joint and a bottle of Coca Cola (not diet).

I tried it for the first time last night and it was melt in the mouth delicious and much nicer than I was expecting!

Literally all you need to do is add the ham joint to the slow cooked and then poured over enough Coca Cola to completely cover the ham joint, it took a 2 litre bottle for me but my slow cooker is quite big so would probably need more than a lot of others.

I then left it on a low heat for about five hours before taking it out and getting rid of the Coca Cola liquid.  You could glaze it as I was planning to but it actually doesn’t need it really, it’s so tasty just like this.

photo_1 (2)

I told you it was the easiest recipe ever, didn’t I?