an electric egg cooker
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Do you really NEED an electric egg cooker?

I don’t know about you but I have lots of gadgets in my kitchen – some I love and use all of the time and some that are literally just sat gathering dust.  I thought it might be fun to share one with you every now and again and tell you whether I think they were a worthwhile investment so today, we’re starting with the electric egg cooker that I acquired recently.

an electric egg cooker

I bought my electric egg cooker from Lakeland for £14.99 a few months ago when we were out shopping one day but you can also buy the one I have (if you’re interested) on Amazon a few pounds more.

Now clearly, boiling an egg is just about the easiest thing you can do in the kitchen and even as I was buying it, I was hanging my head in shame at the thought of paying for a gadget that does something as simple as boil an egg but I’d seen a YouTube video where someone had one and it seemed like it made a simple task even simpler and took the guesswork out of making that perfect soft boiled egg – which is something I’ve never managed consistently.  

Also, I bought it with my Birthday money so that makes it less of a waste of money, right?

What is an electric egg cooker?

Basically, it is what it says it is – it’s just a little machine that ‘boils’ your eggs for you.  It also does poached eggs and omelettes too but I really only use it for boiling eggs.

Electric Egg Cooker

It can cook up to six eggs at ones and is so easy that it’s ridiculous. You get a little ‘egg pricker’ that you use to prink a tiny hole in each egg before adding to the egg cooker.  Once you have your eggs in the egg cookers, you use the little jug that comes with it to add the required amount of water to the egg cooker.  The jug has three different fill lines on it – one for soft boiled eggs, one for medium boiled eggs and the third is for hard boiled eggs so you just choose what you want, add the water and turn the egg cooker on.  It then cooks the eggs and switches itself off when all the water has evaporated leaving you with perfectly cooked eggs.

Actually, the switching off part is the one bad thing about my own electric egg cooker.  There’s no actual noise when it switches off so the only way you can tell is when the light clicks off.  It’s not a huge deal as I’m always about when I’m cooking them (usually making toast for soldiers) but I would have liked a bit of a beep to let me know.

Is an electric egg cooker worth the money?

This one is quite hard as it’s never easy to justify spending money on something you could easily do yourself but it’s not expensive and I do think you’ll get your money’s worth out of it if you buy one.  Maybe add it to your Christmas or Birthday list if you can’t justify spending the money yourself.

What the blurb on Amazon says about it:

  • Perfect for those who love eggs & want a proper breakfast or tasty supper made easy!

  • With selector for soft, medium or hard yolks – you can boil up to 6 eggs at once with no fuss.

  • Perfect eggs for all the family – boiled, poached, scrambled, you can even make an omelette.

What I say about it:

  • It’s a totally unnecessary gadget that, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love.

  • I can make perfect dippy egg and soldiers for everyone in no time at all just by putting the eggs in the electric egg cooker and adding the right amount of water for soft boiled eggs.

  • Even the kids can use it when I’m not at home and yes, I know they could easily boil an egg in a pan but as a Mum, I prefer this as there’s less boiling water involved.

Would I replace it if it broke?

I always think this is a good way to tell if something is worth investing in – if it broke, would I buy another electric egg cooker?  Yes, I actually would you know.  It’s the laziest gadget I have but also one that really does do what it says on the tin.  It makes perfect boiled eggs every time.

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  • Elaine Livingstone

    My daughter loves hers, with three young children two of whom are just turned 5 that are picked up by school taxi ( council pay as they live to far away from the school) at approx 10 past 8 every morning she can pop the eggs on to cook without having to worry about a pan needing turned down or timing them and get one with other things like packing bags or encouraging them to get dressed, and she would replace hers if anything went wrong with it she says it is worth every penny and more besides. Take into account the power ( we are all electric here) needed to cook eggs so many days a week for so many years and this thing probably pays for itself anyway