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Think quick when you see a bargain – Spicy Butternut Squash soup recipe….

I was planning to make a batch of leek and potato soup for lunches this week and I’d included what I needed to make them on my shopping list but then the pile of organic Butternut Squashes reduced from £1.49 each to 39p that I found when I went shopping were too good too pass up so I bought them instead.

I scribbled out everything I’d only added to the list for the leek and potato soup and replaced it with four bargain Butternut Squashes.

photo_1 (3)

I decided to make the soup a little bit spicy so I cut each one in half, spooned out the seeds and arranged them in a baking dish.  I sprinkled them with some crushed garlic, paprika and some dried chilli and then drizzled them with some olive oil.

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I then roasted them in the oven at 180 c for about an hour.

When they were done and slightly cooled, I asked Miss Frugal to spoon out all the flesh for me while I lightly fried some onions (I didn’t use a frying pan – just the pan I was going to add the soup to).  When the onions were soft, I added the butternut squash to the pan along with about a pint of vegetable stock (how much depends really how many butternut squashes you used).

I brought the soup mix to the boil, stirring gently and then I left it to simmer on a low heat for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally.

After that I blended it together with a hand bender and voila, gorgeous spicy butternut squash soup.

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