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Be ready to adapt your meal plan….

Before I do my weekly shopping, I make sure that I’ve worked out what meals we’ll be eating in the coming week and I write myself a shopping list so that I know I buy everything I need and not much more.

But I rarely get through a week’s shopping without a last minute change of plan!

Last week, I had my meal plan all worked out so I headed off to my local Asda with my shopping list and found this little lot in the reduced section:

supermarket bargains


I got a packet of lean mince for £2.00, 6 pork loin chops for £2.00, some pork stir fry strips for £1.06, chicken breast fillets for £1.55 and a chicken breast dinner joint with stuffing and mini sausages for £2.07.

All of it will freeze just fine so I bought it all and had a re-think of our meal plan – Monday we had the chicken joint with Yorkshire Puddings instead of having toad in the hole and today we should have been having pulled pork but instead we’re having mince and dumplings and tomorrow I’ll be using the stir fry pork in the fried rice instead of using leftover from the pulled pork as I was going to.

The rest will be used up in next week’s meal plan I think but this is why I always go to the reduced section before I do most of my shopping.  Any bargains can be incorporated into your meal plan easily enough before you do your shopping so you can cross the things of your list that you don’t need anymore.