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Make a wall Planner to keep track of your meal plans….

Usually, I have our week’s meals written on a scrap of paper, stuck on the front of the fridge if I’m feeling particularly organised, somewhere at the bottom of my handbag if I’m not!  This led to us not sticking to the plan on lots of a few times as we couldn’t remember what we were supposed to be eating so I decided that from now on we’re going to have the meal plan where everyone can see it – on the kitchen wall.

It took me all of about ten minutes to make and seeing as it turned out OK-ish, I’m going to show you what I did (along with the things I wish I’d done) so you can make your very own version.  I’ve even included the labels that I made all pretty and nice but then couldn’t print off as my printer was out of ink – AGAIN….

First of all, cut a piece of pretty paper to the same size as the old picture frame you’re going to use for your wall planner.  I bought mine from Paperchase because I loved the design but now I think it’s a little too busy for this so I may be making a second version of this when I find the ‘perfect’ paper.

Taking the paper back out of the frame, glue labels on for the title of your menu – I imaginatively called ours ‘Menu’ for this version – and for the days of the week.  Mine are far from impressive due to the printer ran out of ink, half way through printing them.  Another reason why you can expect to see version two sooner rather than later.

When you’ve done glued on your labels put the paper back in the frame.

Using a dry wipe marker, write your meals on your new fancy planner.  At the end of the week, just give it a wipe and you’re ready to go again with the next weeks meals.  I bought my dry wipe markers from Wilkinsons and they were about 75p for 4 of them.

And because I’m so nice, here’s the labels I was in the process of printing out in case you decide to make your own version:


  • su

    I use the back of my family planner calendar which is wipe clean and has a white board marker attatched. All the kids have to do is lift the calendar pages to see what’s on the menu for the week, its easy to swap around and there’s also a space for notes underneath in case I need to shop for milk, cheese, pasta etc.
    Slow cooker meals are usually distributed around the dates when it’s swimming lessons, football practise, youth club etc. so that it’s ready whenever they are 🙂

  • Oonagh

    I like the idea of planning my meals because it means I could save money. Do you know any good websites for students who want to budget their weekly meals? I only have £20 a week to live off from my student loan, the rest goes on travel to and from home.